Why aren't you using programmatic ads yet?


From Marketing Land, here's the definition of programmatic advertising:

 Definition: Programmatic advertising helps automate the decision-making process of media buying by targeting specific audiences and demographics. Programmatic ads are placed using artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time bidding (RTB) for online display, social media advertising, mobile and video campaigns, and is expanding to traditional TV advertising marketplaces.

While there are those who are not too sure about programmatic, it is by all means here to stay in one fashion or another.

Reasons 1 through 10


#1 - Highly targeted

When it's of the utmost importance to find the right people to buy your products, programmatic ad buying allows you to create specific messages to certain segments of people across various media devices in real-time.

#2 - Efficient

When you can have highly targeted messaging to specific groups of users, at specific locations and at specific times this will indeed lessen the amount of wasted media your company puts out there.

#3 - Automation  

While not 100% automated, buying programmatic ads is based primarily off of variables that you choose to set within a particular algorithm. These variables include: how much to spend on each ad, the platforms for your advertising, and the amount of individual buys you plan to create within a set period of time. Once you have set up the algorithm, begin your campaign and don't worry about it. While there is some human tinkering with your programmatic campaign, the day-to-day labor will be handled by automated technology based off of your algorithmic parameters.

#4 - New Areas to Find Customers

You will of course find the right audience for your product ads on websites that speak about what you sell, but users are not just one-trick-ponies, they have varied interests. And with programmatic ad buying you will be able to find an audience for your product/service on sites that may, on the surface, not seem to make sense. Interacting with potential customers outside of the traditional website channels may just be the leg up you have been looking for to separate yourself from your competitors.

#5 - It's Not Going Away

According to eMarketer, 55 percent of the ad buys in the U.S. were programmatic in 2015. Programmatic display is expected to grow by 37 percent this year predicts eMarketer, with an increase in overall spending from $14.88 billion (2015) to $20.41 billion (2016) in the United States.

programmatic ads

#6 - Brings Order to Fragmentation

In the Blog WhatRunWhere, Philip Smolin, SVP of Market Solutions at Turn said:

Programmatic Buying helps bring order to this fragmentation. It enables marketers to consolidate customer interactions across multiple channels into a single dashboard, and then use that dashboard to develop a single, overarching strategy about how to best engage…with those audiences.

#7 - Transparency

Due to programmatic technology, the ad buying marketplace has become much fairer and more transparent for media buyers in regard to an overall pricing model.

#8 - Better Cost

Because there is less labor needed in purchasing within the programmatic ads process, overall costs are reduced substantially.

#9 - Micro-Moments

In this Think with Google post, Kelly Cox (Product Marketing Manager, DoubleClick by Google) speaks about micro-momentsintent-rich moments when preferences are shaped and decisions are made. Here she writes:

It's hard to plan for nonlinear purchase paths, but programmatic advertising can help, enabling brands to reach the right person with the right message in the moment of opportunity. Brands can use programmatic to assemble a consumer's micro-moments in just the right way—like joining puzzle pieces together—to see a detailed blueprint of consumer intent.

#10 - Level Playing Field

In an article in Adweek last year, the author Jeff Green (founder and CEO of The Trade Desk) writes about the importance of both media buying technology and the creatives themselves:

But as programmatic makes media buys more efficient, the playing field levels...Now, thanks to programmatic, smaller players are getting into the game. As that trend continues, advertising will become more of a meritocracy. Brands of all sizes will succeed based on two things: the skill and technology that powers their media buys, and the creative power of their messaging.

So what are you waiting for? Time to find out more about programmatic advertising and see how it can grow your ecommerce business.