Have you ever watched HBO’s Silicon Valley? Because if you haven’t, you should. Not only is it a hysterical interpretation of what it’s like to build a tech company from the ground up, it’s just, well… awesome. Keep in mind, it’s in no way, shape or form politically correct or gentle— but, there are a few lessons (even though they may be somewhat dramatized) that are definitely mention-worthy. Oh, and the gifs/memes from the show? Amazing. So, let us begin. Behold… five business lessons worth noting from the boys (and gal) at Pied Piper: 1) Have a Work/Life Balance: silicon valley 1 Sometimes it's hard to disconnect from your work life. Whether you're an entrepreneur or an employee at a startup, you’re usually working some intense hours and most likely, regarding projects as your babies. But remember that in order to keep things healthy— and to have a truly successful experience in the workplace— it’s all about balance. By taking the occasional break (or, le gasp— even a vacation) you’re doing yourself and the company some good. Doing so means recharging your batteries, clearing your head, and coming back ready to kill it! 2) Don’t Be a Brilliant Jerk: silicon valley 2 This is actually one of our values here at Hivewyre (though we attempted to word it a bit more eloquently than the SV meme). Especially in a startup or small company, one person can absolutely have an effect on culture and morale. We look at it this way: we don’t care what kind of amazing value you bring to the table. If you don’t recognize our core values and want to ruin it for everyone else, you can take your ball and play somewhere else. 3) Give Back: silicon valley 3 Yes, as a successful company that’s solving a real business challenge, you’re helping your clients. But more than that, take up causes that help your industry, employees and community. Not only can putting effort into not-for-profits and charitable organizations help to make for a stronger culture, it allows for the opportunity to better the world around you. If you have the means or time to help others, why not leave a positive mark? It will come back to you tenfold. 4) Pay Attention to Your Data: silicon valley 4 Check your data and what’s more, check it often. This is one of your first lines of defense, a warning siren that can help you to make necessary decisions as quickly and efficiently as possible. No, seriously. Your data isn’t going to sugarcoat or lie. If your gut tells you to go in one direction but your data says something else, always go with the numbers. By trusting them, you’ll not only be able to pivot quickly if necessary, you’ll save yourself the grief, time and cost associated with having to change directions later in the game. 5) Don’t Take Everything Too Seriously: silicon valley 5 Being truly invested and passionate about what you do can definitely make failures or bumps in the road that much rougher. Just remember— you're an integral part of building something bigger than yourself, but you're also (hopefully) doing what you love. Don’t forget to have fun, enjoy working with your colleagues and slow down every once in a while.