It’s hard to admit that the name you chose isn’t a good fit. We chose adhesive because it's easy to understand when spoken, has a positive meaning and ‘ad’ being a core part of the word is tied to our industry. We also liked the tie-in with 3M, a very innovative company. That was the impetus anyways. The brand we built at FetchBack had meaning, an identity and a real soul. It was easy to work with when building marketing materials and it attracted clients and employees that were like-minded. It was also a .com; a huge plus in a world where it becomes harder and harder to find a good domain. Unfortunately, lacks that soul and identity we desire. It’s a ‘good’ domain but it’s not great and some even said they hate it. The past year and half we have seen tremendous growth.  Our clients are working together perfectly to create new opportunities and incremental conversions.  By the end of this year, we are expanding the headcount and moving into a brand new office.  Since we are making the move anyways, we decided it was time for a change. We wanted something that builds off our core purpose of Delivering Growth.  We also wanted to sound more techie and was ideally a .com.  No more mistaken resumes from people who sell glue. Our new name fits with what we are doing and the direction we are growing.  Our core is the co-op and members working together for their mutual benefit.  A hive is a great example of this in nature. As of September 15, 2014, we are officially changing our name to We are excited about this change and how it will help us in the areas outlined above. How did we choose the name? Please read our blog post on how we managed the process here. I encourage you to send us any feedback on the name change or the process.