Hivewyre takes a different approach to accomplishing our goals. We’re growing fast, and to us, taking the company to the next level means leaving the old school approach behind. FLAT Means Freedom beesFor us, operating as a FLAT organization means that there are no managers, no silos, and no one telling you how to do your job. No one person can hire/fire, adjust salaries, or decide which direction we take as a company.   It’s an autonomous, democratic way of life— and one we think is the future of company structure.  Values
  • Make commitments and meet them
  • Tell me what works for you and what doesn’t
  • How can I help?
  • No brilliant jerks
  • Cornhole and Foghorns (you’ll have to ask us about this one!) 
Culture Our goal is to enable growth for our employees via our unique environment. Our culture is one that functions through autonomy and is collective, transparent and open. We also love supporting the causes we believe in and, of course, having a great time! Just take a look at our culture map. lunch room   Growth We’ve got a big goal to reach-- $40M by 2018. With revenue that keeps trending upwards and an ever expanding Hive, we’re excited to celebrate our wins, tackle our challenges, and keep making a name for ourselves in the adtech world.  So what are you waiting for? Tell us why you’d be a great fit and apply to be the next member of our Hive! Click here to learn more about open positions.