Last Friday we took the crazy crew that is The Hive and put them to the test… Could we escape the room? Escape the Room has been a super popular team building activity here in the Valley and we thought we’d give it to try! Needless to say, we will be keeping our day jobs, but it was a fun adventure and chance to work as a team across department lines.

While, yes, we all work closely on a regular basis on work, this was an opportunity to work together as a team with a new task to solve, escaping! Each Hive member played an important role, whether they were great with technology, solving clues, thinking outside the box or, of course, being the comic relief. Escape the Room was no joke with so many clues and many we completely overlooked the first time around. Thank goodness someone was watching over us to ensure we didn’t get too off track.

When all was said and done, we did escape and just under the wire, with less than 3 minutes to spare! We all had a great time and are proud to say we have beaten the odds!

Hivewyre Escaped the Room