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If you're running a business, on a sports team, part of a family or when you're out in the world by yourself, sooner or later you have to trust someone or something to achieve your goal. If you can't trust your colleagues, business partners, coaches, your parents or even a stranger passing by, then you will feel isolated, afraid, edgy and most likely fall short of what you are trying to achieve. If you're going to find real success with programmatic advertising, you need to start finding a company that you can honestly trust.

Trust is earned.

programmatic advertising companies trust

Are you comfortable bringing up new ideas to your boss? 

Do you believe your coach has the best strategy for the final play of the game?

Is your parents' advice something you take to heart even if you don't agree with it completely?

Are you looking at service providers for your business as partners or simply as a necessary evil?

The answers to these above questions indicate whether you believe these people and businesses have your best interests in mind. Have their actions and words gained your trust over time? If not, then how will you ultimately make the best decisions for yourself or your company? Yes, you can "go with your gut" and it may lead you to the right course of action, but at the same time, you're not basing any decision you make on a consultation with your programmatic advertising partner. You are essentially circumventing his/her insights, because you feel this programmatic specialist doesn't know what he/she is  doing or is after a quick money grab.

Ad spend

So when a programmatic advertising partner tells you that your business would be best served with a $5000 monthly campaign budget, do you feel like the partner is trying to take advantage of you or does he/she make good and logical points for why this amount will be most beneficial to  growing your business?

Are you working as a team?

If you're not working as a team with your account rep, then ultimately you're going to be arm wrestling over every decision. Even if your account rep has an idea to better your campaign, you may simply pass on his/her judgement due to lack of trust. And if there is lack of trust, as mentioned previously, then why are you working with any type of programmatic advertiser?

programmatic advertising team work

What to expect from your programmatic partners

Here are a list of salient points your ecommerce company should consider when partnering with a programmatic advertising company:

  1. Do you understand the technology? And if you don't, does your account rep make sure you're clear on how the campaign should work?
  2. Are you clear with the expectations of this campaign? Is it to drive conversions? Add visitors to your site? ROAS? CTR?
  3. Does you account rep give you guidance and rationale for what should happen next with your ad campaign?
  4. Is it easy to contact and get support from your account rep? Is he/she accessible to you?
  5. Is your account rep proactive or reactive?
  6. Do you find your account rep knowledgeable in regard to programmatic advertising?
  7. Do you even like your account rep?

Be cautious, but don't put up walls right away

We know, you get calls from various solicitors all day long for this service or that service in regard to your ecommerce business. It gets quite maddening at times, right? But try not to tune out the pitch the moment you pick up the receiver. Why? Because you may be missing out on a company that does know what it is doing, has a solution to your problem and is coming at it in a way you have never even thought of yet.