Whether you’re in a traditional company structure or one that allows for an increased level of autonomy, finding the balance between attaining one's goals and being a team player is a balancing act. Of course, as an individual, reaching personal goals is key to career progression and more, the success of the company. But as a member of a team (and a leader), it becomes equally important to care about the success of fellow colleagues as well. Being a team player means working with your fellow stakeholders to reach milestones, sharpen skills and overcome obstacles together. But especially in positions like sales, where meeting individual commitments and reaching one’s goals is paramount to the success of the organization as a whole, finding the perfect mix between being a team member and maintaining a strong entrepreneurial spirit can be a challenge. Within companies like Hivewyre, where there is no formal management system, no one can force a colleague to take on a commitment, and decisions are made democratically, this can be especially tricky. In order to encourage autonomy and entrepreneurship while still reinforcing the value of a team, there are a few things we’ve focused on: Democratic Decision Making: As an organization where there is no one person that can decide the path the company will take, what a colleague should do in their position or how things must be structured, encouraging a democratic approach to the decision making process is extremely important. By allowing for open forum conversations and a safe environment where every employee has a say, this has helped to reinforce the idea that big decisions should be made as a team, but every colleague has a voice. Encouraging Resources: With no managers to force training, attendance at meetings, or a specific way of attaining goals, resources are an extremely important part of development and growth. In short, it’s completely up to each colleague how much they want to focus on getting better at their job, how many opportunities they’d like to seize to increase their skill level and what they see value in. By encouraging employees to utilize leaders, our online wiki, experienced peers and training sessions, we reinforce an entrepreneurial spirit while still highlighting the importance of leveraging their team for success. Focusing on Training: In the end, if a colleague doesn’t know the product they’re selling, what’s available to help them meet their commitments, or how to navigate through roadblocks, they have the potential to let themselves and their peers down. By offering a steady flow of training sessions that both green and established colleagues can attend, we give our team the tools they need to make their job roles exactly what they want them to be. What’s more, it allows them the opportunity to step up as leaders to help newer colleagues and to use their expertise to help the organization as a whole. Especially in an environment where there is no management structure to blame for a lack of opportunities or political obstacles, each individual is ultimately responsible for their own success. However, by combining the desire to reach one’s personal goals with a focus on collective achievement, employees, teams and the company can see exceptional results.