Being the new person in an office, especially a small office, can be a bit nerve-wracking. Now, think if this is the first time you are in a professional work environment and the office only has 20 people?! What would you expect? How would you adjust? Here's a first impression from our intern, Michael McCooey, a student at Arizona State University!

Take a second and imagine an office space that is so dull and joyless, that you are nearly bored to sleep every day. An office where most of your time is spent in a 5-ft. x 5-ft. cubicle and the most exciting part of your day is the little personal pep talk that you give yourself at lunch to get you through the rest of the day. Now imagine the opposite, an office space with huge floor to ceiling windows, desks with short walls to promote constant interaction, and where "bring your dog to work day" is every single day. If you are daring enough to mix those components with afternoons of music and lunch breaks consisting of table tennis matches and pickleball, then you've thought of something as extraordinary as the Hivewyre workspace.

I've been to numerous "bring your kid to work" days while growing up, which most parents think will be exciting for their children to experience. However, every year I found myself, and most of the kids, dreading the tour and only looking forward to the catered food we ate at the very end of the day. 

Walking into Hivewyre for the first time made me completely rethink my impression of how life was while working behind a desk. It brought me back to the last "bring your kid to work day" that I went to with my parents and how I told myself that when I get a job, it would never be anything like theirs. I can say, without a doubt, that if I was brought to a "bring your kid to work day" at Hivewyre, my 14-year-old self would want to stay so badly; I would even volunteer to work for free just to spend time in an awesome environment, and play with the office dog, of course.

Working in a professional environment is a definite change from any experience that I have been through in my 21 years. Every team member is not only dedicated to their position but also readily available to assist with any task they can. The level of commitment and feeling of camaraderie is something that I would have never expected in a workplace, especially at one where most of the tasks are carried out behind a desk. I believe that this unique environment Hivewyre has built can be directly attributed to the extraordinary leadership we have here. I think that one of the most important qualities in a leader is being able to relate to every team member and provide support, while also knowing the right times to provide leadership and direction. 

Throughout school, I have been surrounded by leaders who are extremely supportive but have not provided the best leadership and direction. Since coming to Hivewyre, I can undoubtedly say that I have learned more useful skills and gained more knowledge to prepare for my future than any single class has taught me. As far as technical skills, I have learned a lot about programs such as Salesforce, which is an essential Customer Relationship Management program used by any company that values building customer relationships. Other than that, I've been taught about the most important values to uphold when it comes to being a professional. All commitments are sacred, in the sense that if you begin to break them, the commitments hold less value. Being in such a different environment reminded me of a great quote to follow. "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard". No one here sees themselves as the most talented person on the team, and everyone understands how important it is to work hard and as a team because each position is vital to the success of the company. My time spent here at Hivewyre is positively helping me develop into a well-rounded individual with a variety of skills to bring to the table.


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