Until the end of time, people will be debating if the chicken or the egg came first. How could there have been a chicken if the egg didn’t hatch it first? Or, who laid the egg? The chicken must have been first. Both have their merits. If you want to get scientific, the oldest egg fossils are over 190 million years old, while the oldest archaeopteryx, a relative of a bird, fossils are around 150 million years old. So, by this standard, the egg came first. But, how about chickens and their eggs? Who knows. This hasn’t stopped people from debating. In digital advertising, there are two similar battles. First, there is the battle between the view and the click. Not only which came first, but which should companies care about more and place more weight on. Second, there is the battle between last click and multi-click attribution. Which should reign supreme when it comes to recognizing responsibility for conversion?

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