Moving the Scavenger Hunt to Tempe

Feb. 12, 2016

With the Hive's knowledge of Old Town Scottsdale pretty much cemented over the past two years, the EAC (Event & Activities Committee, for us newbies at Hivewyre) decided to mix it up a bit in 2016 and have this year's 3rd Annual Hivewyre Scavenger Hunt start in downtown Tempe at The Lodge. All teams had one hour to complete or collect as many of the items hinted in the 28 clues, which they were given.

The lodge, tempe, azlist scavenger

Team Colors 

In the attempt to make this year's event a bit more of a company bonding experience, each team was encouraged to dress in similar colors or outfits. As you can see, some of our colleagues took this idea to heart.


Black team with Tempe's finest.


Yellow team - Celebrating their hard fought victory with a tasty beverage...or two...or...











What Sort of a Hot Dog?

Some out-of-the-box thinkers here at the Hive. Let me explain:

The first clue on the list was: Find sweet #119 and buy America's favorite ballgame food.

The answer: hot dog

This clue was supposed to bring your team to a candy store and then buy a small inexpensive candy hot dog, but half the teams went to Steak and Shake in Tempe and bought actual hot dogs! Both items were accepted, thankfully.

The Elusive 10th Clue

This year there was only one clue no team could find - #10.

The clue was: What's the largest grossing music festival? Find the poster and take a picture.

Answer: Coachella

hivewyre scavenger hunt

Give it up, for Team Yellow!

This year's scavenger hunt champion was the Yellow Team - Caroline, Marshall, Jim and Trevor. Good job! Although not engraved yet, their names will forever be enshrined in Hive-lore as the team that won the legendary 3rd Annual Hivewyre Scavenger Hunt...awesome!

scavenger hunt award