We aren't the work all day crowd. We love to have fun and we love to give back, whether with time or donations. This holiday season we did just that! First off, a little backstory... We are lucky enough to have an adorable rescue dog, Meadow, in our office every day thanks to our Sales Executive, Jenna. It's one of the many perks of working at Hivewyre. You just can't help, but love having her in the office and smiling when she stops by your desk for some attention. However, we know not every dog is so lucky. Some dogs don't find amazing homes like Meadow has found with us.

Since adopting every dog in the shelter isn't an attainable goal, we wanted to see how we can make their stay at the humane society a little more comfortable. So, Hivewyre has chosen to give a bit extra with donations this holiday season of dog food, beds, blankets and treats for our local humane society. Hopefully, the pets' stays are short because they have found their forever homes, but, until then, we want to help make their stay a little more comfortable.