Market Insights Launch Party Success

As mentioned in our March 22nd post, we at Hivewyre wanted to get the end of the 1st quarter going with a Market Insights launch party. Market Insights is our completely free analytical tool that allows ecommerce site owners to compare their site's performance to their competitors'. By using all the second-party data we've amassed (over 68 million new unique visitors are added to our database monthly), we can give a site owner not only insights to his/her own analytics, but also how his/her site is ranking within his/her segment. 

Shopify and Magento

While the Market Insights tool can be installed onto any type of ecommerce site and platform, we have created a Shopify App and Magento Extension for those sites that use Shopify and Magento as their ecommerce platform provider.

Sun Tzu - The Art of War

Sun Tzu - market insights launchSun Tzu's The Art of War is the basis of our Market Insights slogan: Know your competitor. Know yourself. With this in mind, we themed our entire Market Insights launch party around the idea of Asian culture and competition. Each Hive member got a copy of The Art of War, we had a catered lunch from Pei Wei, Asian beer and a number of contests running throughout the day.

Sumo Wrestling

A fun part of the Market Insights launch party was the sumo wrestling competition. A number of the Hive team suited up and went at it - videos of a few of these now legendary bouts can be found on our Facebook Company page.

Side view sumo IMG_20160323_140617635 Dog sumo The Art of War Sumo ready Sumo outfit

Board Games

For those in the Hive who decided to seek victory not only with brute force but with guile, we had a number of board game tournaments to partake in:

board games


Big Winners

What is competition without a winner. The following Hive members were crowned champions in the following tournaments and snagged a $15 gift card for their physical and mental prowess:

  • Sumo Wrestling - Ryan Okun
  • Chinese Checkers - Jenna Jurewicz
  • Battleship - David Allison
  • Stratego - Zach Russo
  • Sun Tzu - Zach Russo
  • Tsuro - David Allison