On Monday, we launched a new website with an updated look that included our new Market Insights product. And although much of the work is just beginning, the process of getting our website exactly where we wanted it to be— both functionally and aesthetically— took some time. In fact, the new look of Hivewyre.com was months in the making. Around 85 hours went into planning, designing and building our site, bringing our ideas to fruition. Between company leaders, marketing and our contracted site developer/designer, we definitely put in the work to get our site launched on time and in the spirit of what we had envisioned.

With a brand new product and a shift of focus, the revisions flowed and the editing was a plenty, something we definitely expected from the beginning. We’re happy to say we love the final product and, through the process, absolutely learned a few things. So, a few pieces of advice— If you’re embarking on a new site launch adventure, take it from us:

Give Yourself Time: Although having a goal launch date is a necessity, understand that things can (and will) come up. Be flexible, be accountable and more, communicate often with the stakeholders involved. This will help to accurately gauge progress and to understand obstacles or challenges as quickly as possible (and how they will affect the timeline of your end product).

Find the Right Process(es): Especially when there are multiple people whose work can overlap, it’s easy for action items to get confusing or lost. For us, one of the main areas we had to tackle this was with our content. Our solution was to create a Google spreadsheet that all stakeholders had access to, giving a less muddled look at where content should be, requested changes, and whether those changes had been made. Regardless of the processes that work best for your team, the point is to have them in place to save you time and frustration in the long run.

Find the Right Designer/Developer: Take the time to really find someone to build your site that truly shares in your vision and is willing to help you see it through. For us, the perfect designer/developer was someone who could take our website from a Photoshop concept to a WordPress-backed build quickly and efficiently. After looking around for the right fit, we found an extremely talented designer/developer that took the time to understand our needs and to get our final product out within our allotted timeline. She was responsive, agile and was there to help us address glitches and site issues post-launch.

Although creating a new website (or giving an existing one a makeover) can be both time consuming and challenging, it’s often a process that comes along with valuable learnings. While each business will have its own individual set of obstacles, coming out on the other side with a new, improved way of connecting with your consumers makes all of the effort worth it.