So, you’re trying to promote your company’s products and services. Maybe your company is a clothing eCommerce store. You want to expand your reach and bring new shoppers to your site. How will you do so? What kinds of data will introduce you to your new shoppers?

The most traditional data to turn to is demographic, but the data that demographics can provide is limited. Will all males/females like the same stores? Do all age groups dress alike? Does everyone in the same income bracket or same occupation dress the same? Even medical scrubs have different styles and designs and their job is to look consistent across the office! However, that is exactly what demographic data provides! Demographic data won’t tell you if they are in-market right now or what their preferences are. Searching for demographic data to expand your shopper reach will leave you wanting more.

According to Techopedia, demographic data is defined as “data that is statistically socio-economic in nature, such as population, race, income, education and employment, which represent specific geographic locations and often associated with time.”

This data, while interesting, won’t point you in the direction of your next shoppers! You need more specified, targeted data. You need shopper intent data. This data will dive in more deeply into who the shopper is and what interests them.
Shopping intent data shows what types of items a shopper clicks on during their visit to an eCommerce site. It will also demonstrate what they are in-market to purchase and categories their interests fall into.

This sounds much more like the kind of data you need to find new shoppers! It is a gold mine of future purchases. What do they want to buy? What brands do they preference? Once you know what type of shopping habits your ideal shopper has, you will better be able to target where to reach them! It all starts with knowing which type of data to focus on.

About Hivewyre:

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