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We know marketers love their data. So how do deeper performance stats than ever before sound? With Market Insights, you’ll get a more robust view of how your site compares with others in your market, all on one detailed dashboard.


Understand How You Compare with Real Data in Real-Time.

Want to know your missed market opportunity? What about how much of your customer base chose you over your competitors? Along with data points like conversion rate, revenue per visitor and more, you'll know exactly how you stack up against other sites in your segment.

Awareness Rating

% of consumers in your segment that have visited your site for the past 7 days

Win Percentage

% of consumers that have visited your site and at least one other in your segment, but chose to purchase from you

Unique Users

Number of unique users in your segment

Top Cross Categories

Visitors within your segment also frequent these categories

Revenue Per Visitor

The revenue per visitor on your site

Better ROAS, Better Data.

Do you know if you’re spending your marketing budget on what works? Market Insights allows you to analyze your market size against real data, helping you to better allocate spend and reach your goals.


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