Where did we get this guy from?

David Allison has been in marketing/content writing for the past 8 years. He was formerly on a long-term contract with Athlinks, which is the largest endurance results database in the world. There he created the company's blog from scratch and contributed to about 70% of the 200+ posts on the site, and was able to get over 230K pageviews in the 6 months the blog was up. He also managed all of Athlinks social media and email content.  

Is he a native Phoenician?

Nope. David is originally from New York. Born in Queens, but primarily raised in a town called Irvington, which is on the Hudson river and about a 30 minutes north of New York city. He went to the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied English Literature. After college he jumped on a plane and headed to Europe with the hopes of staying for a while. After a month in Stockholm, Sweden he took a train to Prague, Czech Republic where he ended up teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) for nearly two years for both school age children and adults. Both summer breaks, while teaching in Europe, David hitchhiked. The first summer he thumbed it from Prague to Portugal. The second summer he waved down cars all through Italy, Greece and France. 

After Europe, David returned home to New York for a brief stint, but then soon headed out to Chicago where he ended up meeting his wife, Zoraida. After getting married, they moved to Los Angeles to give it a go, but unfortunately the glitz and glamour of la-la land never really stuck with the couple. David's mother-in-law, needing to be in a warmer client for health reasons, had decided to move to an up-and-coming city in 2005, Phoenix, Arizona. David and his wife planted stakes here as well in 2005 in the area of  Ahwatukee and have been here ever since.

I hear he's fast?

Not with the ladies but definitely on the track, trails or asphalt. David's a life-long runner since the age of 6 years old. He ran in college and still runs today. Just last year, at an age where most men start taking up golf for their daily exercise, David ran a 4:27 mile and a 15:36 5K. He has run a 2:27:17 marathon and took 50th overall in the Boston Marathon in 2006. 

Why is he working at Hivewyre?

Honestly, Dave fell in love with the culture and the Hivewyre product. He was impressed by the leadership team, the visionary approach to business and the idea that he could significantly help grow the Hivewyre brand with his marketing efforts and content creation in the months and years ahead.

A guilty pleasure about David

David is an absolute karaoke whore. Not that he goes out all the time to karaoke, but if he ever has the opportunity he will partake in these melodious festivities 9 times out of 10. His wife is utterly embarrassed/amused by this fact, but David seems quite at peace having this uncanny (dare we say mildly unhealthy) draw to singing in front of strangers to pop-song lyrics, which he barely knows (most of the time). While he can carry a decent tune to some songs, he definitely has to "stay in his lane" as the judges in American Idol tell contestants or there will be some serious harmonic-dissonance in the bar that evening when Dave takes the mike.