Those of you who have ever worked for a small company know that there is always the possibility to wear many hats. We, at the Hive, all know Derek Vorherr as that guy. He is the recruiter, operations manager and chief of odds and ends. This southern guy is a transplant from Snellville, GA and has been with Hivewyre since August 2015! A fun fact most of the Hive didn’t know about Derek is he actually taught kindergarten for a year in Thailand! So cool!

When asked who his role model was, he quickly answered his father. If he could wake up tomorrow having gained one superpower, it would be to fly. If he could only eat three foods for the rest of his life, it would be Thai food, BBQ and meatloaf. While two of those may be more styles of food, I guess we can let it slide? Finally, if he had to choose one person to star as him in a movie about his life, it would be Charlie Day. Thanks for being a part of to the Hive, Derek! It’s always sunny in the Hive when you’re around.