2018 has already meant new faces in the Hive! We are excited to welcome Joe Campos, who joined us just after the ball dropped to start 2018 as a Sales Development Representative. Joe is an Arizona native and a big sports fan! He joins us with over 15 years of sales experience, 12 in digital marketing specifically. Joe is known in the office for his honesty and hard work mentality.

When asked who his role model was, he answered his father. If he could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality, it would be the ability to fly. If he could only eat three foods for the rest of his life, it would be pizza, tacos and hamburgers. The jury is still out if he prefers hard shell or soft shell tacos, though. Finally, if he had to choose one person to star as him in a movie about his life, it would be Christian Bale. We are happy that you joined the Hive, Joe! Keep up the hard work and we can't wait to see what you accomplish!

The Hive Joe