Marshall Johnson - Hive's 1st Million-Dollar Man

Marshall Johnson was sales employee #1 at Hivewyre (then adhesive). And four years ago when he first started with Hivewyre the thought of being the first million-dollar man in billing with the company was probably not on his radar at all. Back then, Hivewyre didn't have the 80+ million unique shoppers it has today. Hivewyre had a vastly smaller data pool when we first started. Hivewyre had a grand idea of using only second-party data to put an ecommerce site in front of its competitors' clients in real-time, before many in the industry even knew or fully understood how this would be scalable and feasible.

Time to Celebrate

But this year, as Hivewyre continues to grow and separate itself from the pack in regard to how programmatic advertising combined with being part of our data co-op can be a key source of new prospecting efficiency to one's ecommerce business, Marshall cracked that $1 million mark.

To celebrate this momentous accomplishment by Mr. Johnson, we invited Marshall's wife, Michelle, and the entire Hivewyre family to Kelly's at SouthBridge in Old Town for some food and spirits, as well as a honoring Marshall's massive accomplishment with some kind words from Aaron, Matt and Jeff and a pretty exquisite (and "legit") trophy, which was presented to him.

It's pretty fitting that the first sales employee at Hivewyre receives this awesome recognition and achievement. While Marshall is the first attain this $1 million milestone, we know that he will be far from the last (in fact we will be honoring another account rep. next month for his reaching this $1 million mark as well).

Congratulations Marshall!


Growing. Together. 

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