Miva App Store and Market Insights

We are excited to announce that today our free Market Insights analytics tool in now available on the Miva App Store!


Hivewyre, Miva, Shopify and Magento 

Market Insights can already be found in the Shopify App Store and the Magento Marketplace (Magento Connect) - both as a free app and extension, respectively. We now have over 200 installs in the 3 months we've had our analytics tool out in both platforms. With Market Insight now being in the Miva App store, we are going to be able to have our free analytics tool available to a slightly different ecommerce site demographic than we have been encountering within Shopify and Magento. This will allow for more eclectic data to be collected, which will help give better insights to ecommerce sites on how they are ranking within their given online retail segment. 

What our developers have created on all three platforms is more of a "plug and play" sort of functionality within the app/extenision/module. So, you do not need to be tech savvy or call up your web developer to install our Market Insight tags onto the proper pages of your site. A few clicks and quick registration process and done!

Market Insights...What is that exactly?

Market Insights is a free analytics tool you can add to your current ecommerce site through java script tags manually by registering your site within our Hivewyre platform or automatically (as previously mentioned) if your site resides in the Miva, Shopify or Magento platform. It's a tool that allows you to have a keen understanding of not only your internal metrics like revenue per visitor or average customer spend, but metrics that go beyond your ecommerce digital fence: 

  • Awareness rating - % of consumers in your segment that have visited your site for the past 7 days.
  • Win Percentage - % of consumers that have visited your site and at least one other in your segment, but chose to purchase from you.
  • Unique users - Number of unique users in your segment.

By attaining and analyzing all this data that reaches beyond your site, you have a much clearer picture of your customers, your competitors' customers and your place within your segment. What this will allow you to do is make shrewder marketing and advertising strategical choices, which in the end can help you both save and make money for your business.

How much data are we talking about?

A business which registers its ecommerce site within our Market Insights platform will have the insights on the data we gather on the over 80+ million monthly unique shoppers in our database.

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If you have questions about our Market Insights tool or wish to have our app on your ecommerce platform, then please contact us at marketing@hivewyre.com.