Why giving a sales script to your sales force is stunting its growth

You are certain that you have a great product for the world to take in. You have hired great leadership and a strong sales team; but you think perhaps your company's message is not getting across to prospective clients as well as it should. You are thinking maybe the sales script needs a bit of editing. Or maybe your staff needs to be reminded on exactly what your product or service can do for these potential future business clients. But maybe, just maybe, the fault lies upon you. If you are not allowing your sales people to play to their strengths or find their own voice in pitching your company's product they will not be as effective in making the ever important sale.

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Strengths and weaknesses

At Hivewyre we look for top-notch sales people who have experience selling. We realize that while they do need to learn and understand what we do before they can hop on the phones and call prospects, it's an imperative for their growth and success with us that they find their own words (not a sales script written by us) to express who we are and how our product is good for an eCommerce company's bottom-line. If we gave our team a sales script to read from, a number of things would eventually happen:

  1. They would not sound natural.
  2. They would not sound believable.
  3. They would not be thinking about what they are selling, only that they have to sell it.
  4. They would feel stunted in their professional growth.
  5. They would lose their personality.

Are your sales scripts for ventriloquist dummies?

A big part of selling is believing in the product you are speaking about and then relaying that enthusiasm to would-be-clients. If you believe what you are selling, more times than not, the managers/decision makers you are cold-calling will believe in what you are selling. And this belief, along with your knowledge base of your product and having a top-notch product, will lead to a sale, eventually.

By having a sales script for your team, you are not giving them a chance to internalize what your company's product is all about, but rather, you are compartmentalizing them into a single thought - yours. This in turn makes them no better than ventriloquist dummies, whose minds are empty until the sales manger places hisher metaphorical hand upon their backs and makes their mouths move with the words of the almighty powerful sales script. But beware sales mangers, this type of trained sales squad may turn on you and become like many famous fictional evil ventriloquist dummies from television and cinema. Now these fictional ventriloquist dummies many times came to life to cause bodily harm to their human counterparts. Your sales team, though not as devious or malicious as the aforementioned, will nevertheless start thinking for themselves and decide that selling your product with no wiggle room for creativity nor latitude to work to their strengths, is no place for them to grow their own book of business and be successful.

evil ventriloquist dummies | sales scripts

Willie, "The Dummy," The Twilight Zone (1962)

Using our team for training, feedback and support

Yes, new sales staff does get trained by our Hivewyre sales managers and leaders, but our seasoned sales reps also play a pivotal role in the evolution of new Hive sales people. 

  • New sales hires see how 3-5 different sales reps approach their own sales pitch and interpretation of our sales deck.
  • New sales hires ideas and approaches on how to pitch their cold call are not practiced or shown in front of our sales managers until their final day of training. This is to encourage new hires to seek out advice from their fellow Hive colleagues and create a genuine voice for themselves in regard to our product.
  • Managers don't tell new hires how to do something in regard to a sales call, but if asked upon by a new hire (or any employee, for that matter), a manager will ask thought provoking questions to the sales rep that will elucidate a mindful response from the sales rep, which will give him/her better insight into how to approach the sales process moving forward.

Acceptance, autonomy and inquisitiveness

At Hivewyre we believe that creating a culture of acceptance, autonomy and inquisitiveness is a good recipe for success. We want our sales people to be independent, yet humble enough to know when to ask for help or guidance from colleagues or leadership. We don't want a "Hivewyre sales script" we want John's and Jane's Hivewyre sales script that works for each of them because it plays to his/her strengths. Leveraging the individual strengths of each member of your sales staff will make for a more powerful, motivated, productive and successful sales team for your business.

What are your thoughts on sales scripts?