The innovative start-up company previously known as has changed its name and domain to after tapping a vast pool of online suggestions. Scottsdale, Arizona, September 15th, 2014 – Developing a successful startup company is one of the trickiest endeavors in the business world, but pinning down a fitting name for that startup may be even harder. In an effort to expand on branding opportunities, improve consumer salience, and optimize the potential of its co-operative structure, has undergone a significant name and domain change. The online advertising industry is bustling right now, and any positive efforts to improve brand awareness as early as possible should prove to be massively beneficial in promoting expansion. The management team at Hivewyre believe their name change should do just that: hence the drastic shift for a company that is still quite young. Despite the change of heart, the adhesive name was chosen carefully and intentionally: “adhesive is easy to understand when spoken, has a positive meaning, and ‘ad,’ as a core part of the word, is tied to our industry,” company founder Chad Little said. “We also liked the tie-in with 3M, a very innovative company.” After gaining traction in the market, however, the adhesive team found it didn’t convey the emotion they wanted and that many customers and associates alike took issue with it. “Unfortunately, lacks that soul and identity we desire. It’s a good domain, but it’s not great, and some people even said they hate it,” Little admitted. “Plus, we really wanted to be able to have a .com domain, and is taken.” So adhesive took to Squadhelp, a crowdsourcing platform, to gather ideas for their new name using a $112 prize incentive for the winning submission. The result was over 800 initial entries, out of which the word “hive” stuck out as a root word for its connotation of collective work – an essential aspect of the company’s co-op core. After more surveying, the adhesive team decided on Hivewyre with the domain Though the “adhesive” name didn’t stick, the company believes Hivewyre will generate more buzz as they continue to develop and refine their unique business culture and identity – perceptions that always start with the name. About Hivewyre: Hivewyre is an online advertising co-op. The company’s private data cooperative allows advertisers to share their first-party audience data and build targeted campaigns for prospecting new customers. Hivewyre advertisers have access to fresh, exclusive data that will never be sold to a third party. Product features include creative production, full-service account management and detailed reporting.  Contact: Web Address: // Email: