December Performance Numbers

While we at Hivewyre cannot complain about our 2016 numbers at all, our December performance figures weren't exactly what we would have hoped for (98.57% to budget). We ended the entire year 110.65% to budget, which we are quite proud of, to say the least. And while we are a bit perturbed at missing our December budget goal, when you compare this December to December of 2015 and 2014, there really is no comparison at all. Our revenue in December was a 38.4% increase from 2015 and a 65.8% increase from 2014 - that's just good growth. We've done this by hiring the right people, going after the right clients and showing potential clients the value of our second party data co-op strategy.

December performance numbers - 2016 Hivewyre

Breaking Down Doors in Q4 (Comparison)

As we have stated nearly all year, we are simply crushing our revenue numbers from 2014 and 2015. Q4 was no exception to this trend. Put it this way, our 2016 fourth-quarter revenue totals were nearly the combined revenue sum of 2014 and 2015 (87.7%). We increased our Q4 revenue number by 49.47% when you compare it to 2015 and an astronomical 112.29% increase against our 2014 Q4 revenue total.

Q4 - Time to Turn the Page...

turn-the-page hivewyre performance numbers - december 2016

We have had a great 4th year at Hivewyre, but we don't sit on our laurels around here - time to turn the page and focus our attention on having a great Q1 for 2017!

As we continue to add the right players to our team and focus on accounts that are the correct fit for our business model, Hivewyre's healthy financial growth continues.

Growing. Together.