November Performance Numbers

The second month of Q4 is in the books and lights are being stringed on houses across the country and the holidays are upon us! Hivewyre's November performance numbers are definitely shining a bit brighter than they did in October (even though our October numbers still were very much in the positive). We did have a slight uptick in our YTD budget numbers (November: 112.62% vs October: 111.06%) and we crushed our monthly goal numbers (121.10%) compared to our October monthly goal where we eeked out a 103.45% (See October performance data). We had just 3 IOs signed in November, which is a big drop off, but many of our clients, due to the holidays, cranked up their advertising spending for November, which was mainly responsible for us doing very well in our overall monthly budget goal.

2016 november numbers

The Magic of the Holidays! (Q4 Comparison)

With the holidays revving up, it's a great time to reflect on the past, present and future. As stated last month, Hivewyre has made amazing leaps since 2014. November revenue numbers this year were 54.10% higher than November 2015 and 149.45% greater than our 2014 November performance numbers. In regard to overall Q4 growth since 2014, again we see an impressive surge in our revenue (with still December remaining!). With just 2 months accounted for, our Q4 revenue in 2016, so far, is already 97.93% of 2015 and 39.09% greater than our 2014 revenue! To say we are not going to blow the roof off of this year's revenue numbers would be an understatement, for certain.

Q4 - Star Bright...Star Bright...

november performance numbers - starry sky

We've done a lot more than just wish upon a star in Q4. Hive's account executives are doing an excellent job communicating to our current and new prospective clients on how Hivewyre's ecommerce data co-op, with solely second-party data, brings highly motivated shoppers to thier sites like a shooting star!

As 2016 reaches it's final act, Hivewyre continues to grow our monthly shoppers, which is great for our co-op partners. As we gain more of the right shoppers into our co-op, who have the intent to purchase sooner than later, both our clients' and our company's goals will be met far beyond what we all thought was possible.

Growing. Together.