October Performance Numbers

The first month of Q4 is over (along with the crazy heat out here in Phoenix, thankfully!) and we are off to a solid start. Hivewyre's overall October performance numbers were good not great, by our high standards. We did go backwards a smidge compared to our percentage goals in September, but nevertheless, we still continue very much so to be flying above our overall monthly and yearly goals. (In September we were 106.46% to monthly goal compared to October's 103.46% to monthly goal (See September performance data). We had 10 IOs signed in September, compared to only 5 signed in October as well.

october performance numbers

'Tis The Season! (Q4 Comparison)

With the magic and wonderment of the holiday season just around the bend, let's take a collective beat and appreciate what the Hive has achieved over the past couple of years in regard to revenue growth... it's quite an impressive jump we've made since 2014. October revenue numbers this year were 59.11% higher than October 2015 and 148.11% greater than our 2014 October performance numbers. In regard to overall Q4 growth since 2014, again we see a very nice uptick. With only 1 month in the books, our Q4 revenue in 2016, so far, is 37.67% of 2015 and 53.5% of 2014 - so, ahead of pace in this comparison. 

Q4...Giddy Up!

october performance numbers - giddy up

We have been riding high with some very good results thus far in Q4. Hive's account executives are getting the word out to our current and new prospective clients on how Hivewyre's second-party data ecommerce co-op brings high quality and eager shoppers to their sites.

As 2016 heads to its inevitable sunset in less than two months, we hope your business is riding off with us.

Growing. Together.