September Performance Numbers

Q3 is now a thing of the past, but a good thing it was for us at Hivewyre. Our overall September performance numbers were quite good. We did go a backwards compared to our percentage goals in August, but we still were very much moving in a positive and ahead of goal direction. (In September we were 106.46% to monthly goal compared to 119.41% to monthly goal, which we were in August - See August performance data). We had 10 IOs signed in September, which was 1 less than we had in August.

September performance numbers

The Future Is Bright! (Q3 Comparison)

september performance numbers

If we take a second and look at where we have been over the past couple of years, in regard to revenue growth, it's quite an impressive jump we've made since 2014. September revenue numbers this year were 56% higher than September 2015 and 157% greater than our 2014 September numbers. In regard to overall Q3 growth since 2014, again we see a very nice uptick. Our Q3 revenue in 2016 was 54% higher than that of a year ago and an amazing 161% more than our revenue in 2014. 

Hivewyre and Q4...Perfect Together

Now that we are in Q4, we have big goals and high numbers to reach for; thus far, we are on track to hit them all. We are forecast to have another huge quarter and one that just may exceed our revenue in Q4 in 2014 and 2015 combined! With weather getting colder and the holidays around the corner, it may well be 3 months of warmth and cheer for Hivewyre.

Growing. Together.