January Performance Numbers - 158%

We are exploding out of the blocks in 2017!

hivewyre january performance numbers out of the blocks

We had a superb 2016 in terms of financial growth, client acquisition and building a stronger team; but we have jumped out of the blocks with such force in 2017, that even Usain Bolt himself would have to admire what we are doing in the first month of Q1. Only 1 month in the books and we are over 158% to our monthly goal. Moreover, this great start to 2017 has set us up to almost be 50% to our first quarter goal as well.

january performance numbers - hivewyre 2017

Re-writing the record books (Q1 Comparison)

usain bolt - rewriting records - hivewrye

While the bar for our overall revenue and budgetary numbers have been raised considerably for 2017, we seem to keep meeting this mark...and then some! With only the first month in Q1 complete, our revenue numbers are already a 110.79% increase from our ENTIRE Q1 revenue in 2014 and an increase of 7.85% to our ENTIRE Q1 revenue in 2015 as well. And with even as strong as we were in 2016, this year's January revenue number is still 79.09% of the ENTIRE Q1 number for last year - so we are humming!

Why So Much Growth?

Hivewyre, like many startups, has gone through many pivots in the past 4 years, but as we saw in Q3 and Q4 of last year, our numbers not only grew, they exploded! We believe that our forward-thinking ecommerce data co-op programmatic strategy is what sets us apart from nearly all other online advertising companies. Our clients are seeing it and our account executives are relaying our unique approach to display advertising to prospective customers in a manner that, frankly, just makes good business sense.

Growing. Together.