The holiday season used to be so simple! You had Black Friday and Christmas/Hanukkah. People would wake up super early still full of an exciting Thanksgiving with friends and family on Black Friday to rush to stores while it was still dark outside and children were fast asleep to shop for all the holiday gifts top of mind when there were the best deals possible. Then, as late additions were added to the wish list, gifts were purchased with no rhyme or reason to the date of purchase. Those were the simpler times. However, it is not that simple anymore.

This is, of course, before eCommerce became such a major factor in the holiday calendar. And, before a slew of other holiday dates to remember became part of the equation. Why has the holiday marketing calendar become so much busier? 73% of shoppers say sales and discounts are major factors in deciding where they purchase holiday gifts. What does this mean for your business? It isn’t so simple anymore to just create Black Friday deals and call it a day, but rather to have special deals enticing shoppers with each special occasion or holiday, if it fits your target market.

What dates comprise the 2017 holiday season?

  • November 23: Thanksgiving Day
  • November 24: Black Friday
  • November 27: Cyber Monday
  • December 11: Green Monday
    (eCommerce Day started by eBay coinciding with its best sales day in December)
  • December 12-20: Hanukkah
  • December 15: National Free Shipping Day
    (Shoppers can shop from both small and large eCommerce sites with free shipping guaranteed for delivery by Christmas Eve)
  • December 24: Christmas Eve
  • December 25: Christmas Day
  • December 31: New Year’s Eve

Why should anything after Cyber Monday, let alone Christmas matter? Shoppers are looking for the best deals and that may mean they are beginning their shopping at different times. According to a recent survey, while 10% of shoppers will begin their shopping on Black Friday and 7% will begin on Cyber Monday, 30% are shopping year-round, 9% are starting before Thanksgiving, 4% are starting Thanksgiving weekend, but not on Black Friday and an astounding 40% are starting to scour for gifts after Cyber Monday, but before Christmas. On the other hand, 44% plan to shop the after-Christmas sales for those hard to find recipients who aren’t worried about giving gifts on the exact day.

How will this benefit the world of eCommerce? Significant growth, of course! eCommerce continues to grow the holiday blitz of gift buying each year as more shoppers turn to their mobile devices and desktops to purchase gifts for those close to them. In 2016, while retail shopping for the holidays grew only 4.8%, eCommerce purchases grew 17.8% in total. We highly doubt that 2017 will give reason to significantly drop the holiday splurges, and with many days on the calendar to plan for, holiday shopping planning only is increasing in importance. Is your company ready to advertise? If not, our team is ready to help! Finding your shoppers during this busy season is key to growing your site’s continued success.


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