We are very proud of what our team can accomplish with the power of second-party data and data advertising. We know we can make believers of anyone willing to give it a try. We are a one-of-a-kind company and our partnership is the same! We have compiled the top seven reasons to run towards the Hivewyre co-op. It was tough! There are so many benefits to utilizing the power of the data co-op to enhance your eCommerce business.

  1. In-Market Shoppers: The reason they are now seeing your advertisements in the first place is because the shopper has already searched for a product you offer and chose not to purchase. This means you’re in luck! If they are already in-market, they are more likely to want to purchase soon. Your offering could be what converts the shopper. Then, the goal is to turn them into a repeat customer. And, don’t worry, once a shopper converts, they won’t be continually marketed to from our campaigns.
  2. Continued Support: Our team wants your campaigns to succeed. We want to see you hit and exceed your goals. When you succeed, we succeed. Our advertising operations team will continually track your campaigns to determine what will enhance your results.
  3. Trusted Data: We can explain the benefits and power of second-party data until we become a broken record, but we believe in it THAT MUCH. The data is verified and there’s no question where it came from. It is simply another company’s first-party data and no company would want to use false data.
  4. Additional Stream of Leads: Our advertising campaigns can be performed alongside retargeting and search campaigns; we even recommend it! Retargeting and search are great, but when a company wants to give that extra edge or secret weapon, we know we have what it takes.
  5. Private: You must pay to play. We know our data is marketing gold, so it is private. Only those in the co-op have access to it.
  6. Reporting Support: Results and data are super important. We should know! We use data for your advertising efforts. We provide customized reporting on the stats you care about quick!
  7. Fantastic Reps: Our reps aren’t just going to work to get to started and then leave you be. Our reps are incredibly knowledgeable and, along with our leadership team, will be there to support your during your entire journey and partnership with our company. You will be an unbeatable team!

There’s one benefit for each day of the week! Any day you want to grow your revenue and reach new-to-file, untapped shoppers, we will be your guide. All we need to know is that you’re ready to join hands with us and we will guide you through the rest!


About Hivewyre:

Hivewyre is a forward-thinking programmatic advertising company. Their private data cooperative allows advertisers to share first-party audience data and build targeted campaigns for prospecting new customers based on their competitors’ unconverted shoppers. Hivewyre advertisers have access to fresh, exclusive data that will never be sold to a third party. With over 500 retailers and over 100 million monthly in-market shoppers in our co-op, our distinct advertising strategy allows you to combat rising search engine PPC & PLA costs and the ever-expanding online marketplace growth. In addition to access to the exclusive data, co-op members benefit from full-service account management and detailed reporting of the return from advertising spend. To learn more about Hivewyre, visit www.hivewyre.com.