It is not enough anymore to spray and pray when advertising your company and its offerings. Strategy is everything in the world of advertising. It is about getting the right message to the right person at the right moment. In eCommerce, of course, that moment is when the shopper is interested in buying. You can’t merely post an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper or schedule a series of organic social media posts on Facebook or Twitter. To reach your target shopper, targeting must be involved to get your message through the clutter blasting shoppers from every direction. Once your company has scaled your search, social and retargeting options, what is the missing puzzle piece? Second-party data programmatic advertising.

Second-party data programmatic advertising is the secret weapon to reaching that target shopper. Focus marketing efforts on shoppers who already have demonstrated they are in-market for your product. Think about it… Have you ever visited an eCommerce site and not purchased in the end, but suddenly you see more ads for that type of product, whether for the site you were previously on or a related site? The joys of programmatic advertising! You are more likely to purchase when you are already in the market. Spend your advertising $$ on potential shoppers who would be more likely to jump on your website and convert to a buyer. Maybe they visited a competitor’s site? Well, the competitor couldn’t close the deal. That’s ok! Now it’s your turn!

Grow your company’s revenue and reach by marketing directly at your target customer. Find them where they spend their time, whether on their mobile device or desktop, their prime social media platform or on websites they frequent. Spend less on general advertising efforts and focus your efforts on the shoppers you want most. As they convert more quickly than your mass trial and error, revenue will grow. Target, specify and see the dollars roll in!

If your company would like some assistance in making this strategy a reality, let us know. We know people who can assist in making it happen!

About Hivewyre:

Hivewyre is a forward-thinking programmatic advertising company. Their private data cooperative allows advertisers to share first-party audience data and build targeted campaigns for prospecting new customers based on their competitors’ unconverted shoppers. Hivewyre advertisers have access to fresh, exclusive data that will never be sold to a third party. With over 500 retailers and over 100 million monthly in-market shoppers in our co-op, our distinct advertising strategy allows you to combat rising search engine PPC & PLA costs and the ever-expanding online marketplace growth. In addition to access to the exclusive data, co-op members benefit from full-service account management and detailed reporting of the return from advertising spend. To learn more about Hivewyre, visit