Originally published on Launch & Hustle Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a marketing manager for a small company or ironing out the marketing strategy for a huge corporation, you know the importance of great content. It’s been said again and again— content is king. Not only can a killer content strategy help you with brand awareness, it can also help you to truly connect with partners, prospects and clients. As TopRank Online Marketing CEO, Lee Odden, once said— “Content isn’t king, it’s the kingdom.” But the truth is, what good does crafting amazing content do if it’s going no where? If you’re creating content that truly has value— an awesome infographic, a great roundup article, new data— the buck doesn’t just stop at bringing your ideas to life. In tow with every other content creationist out there, you want to see what you create reach your audience, prove to be sharable and more, to have an impact. In the end, it’s results that truly matter. For B2C marketers, this means a variety of things. According to a recent study by the Content Marketing Institute, 62% of organizations focused on B2C marketing assess their content marketing success by looking at website traffic, followed by sales (54%), higher conversion rates (39%) and SEO ranking (39%). For B2B marketers, 63% of organizations measure success based on website traffic, sales lead quality (49%), higher conversion rates (48%) and sales (43%). Of course, there are a variety of ways of meeting ones content goals and KPIs— social media, email blasts, blog subscribers, paid search, and the often dark horse in the running, display. So with a myriad of other options out there, what’s the value in coupling display with your content marketing strategy? Why should you consider display an ally of great content? —Display Adds to a Robust Marketing Plan: Like any marketing, it’s been proven that connecting with consumers through multiple channels has value. And with the ability to target display ads better than ever before, they’re yet another way of reaching your target audience. Display in itself is a content opportunity. It’s becoming increasingly more interactive, personalized and targeted, allowing you to connect in a way that often takes out a lot of the guess work. By creating targeted, compelling ads that also lead your audience to valuable content, you can not only increase site traffic, you can have an affect on followers, likes, and converting prospects into brand advocates. —It Allows for 1:1 Conversation: In general, great content allows you to truly connect with your audience. This doesn’t simply mean an awesome blog entry. Today, you not only have the opportunity to deck out your site with excellent content, you also have the ability to leverage this personalization at the ad level as well. For example, think display ads that change depending on the time of day, custom headlines depending on where your user is located, specific products that shoppers viewed on your site, etc. —Display Can Showcase Your Personality: Remember, visuals are valuable. Display is yet another way to show your company’s personality and help you to build a relationship with your target audience, both through images and content. People naturally connect with companies that have a soul, aren’t afraid to be cheeky, have a sense of humor, and who stand for something. Display ads give you the chance to introduce your brand while simultaneously guiding consumers to content that will add value to their experience with you (which could mean a number of things, depending on your goals). Keep in mind, depending on the type of display you’re utilizing, you could be introducing yourself or reacquainting your customers and prospects with your brand (and what you can bring to the table). By using display as a catalyst for connecting your audience with the worthwhile content you’ve created— be it site copy, informative imagery, or a great video— you’re keeping your brand top-of-mind with your potential customers and more, utilizing another touchpoint to build relationships.