and here at the Hive, we may or may not have a one tracked mind. It's our vision, mission, purpose— hell, it's our main goal in life— to deliver growth to our customers, colleagues, company and community.




When it comes down to it, our culture is our vehicle for meeting our vision, mission and purpose. And it's a pretty rad culture, if we do say so ourselves. We work hard, play hard, and promote a truly entrepreneurial environment. Check out our culture map below:



Most of us have experienced a not so awesome manager. Dictating your priorities, breathing down your neck, and generally making you wish you had a bottle of vodka at your desk at all times. You know, for medicinal purposes.

At the Hive, we believe in leaders that help define what success is and they let you get it done without micro-managing you. And let's be honest, work politics suck. We want to build our business with A-players that want to propel their careers to the next level, simultaneously helping the company to reach its goals. In our world, it's the employees that decide what's valuable and exactly what their role should be. With the right company culture, the possibilities are endless. 


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    Drew Leakey - CEO
    Drew, a leader in Ecommerce/Internet companies since 1999, has had stints with AT&T, Callaway and Accenture. As COO of Living Direct, Drew helped grow it to over $120M in revenue from a fledgling start up. In 2015, Living Direct was acquired by a strategic partner, Ferguson Enterprises.


    Jeff Cook - VP of Sales
    Jeff’s responsibility and passion is driving our client’s growth. Jeff has been in digital leadership for last 12 years at Voice Media Group, E.W. Scripps and most recently Gannett. Jeff is a graduate of Santa Clara University with a BA in Marketing.


    Jan Ulep - Dir of Finance
    & Operations
    Jan is responsible for the company’s financial and administrative operations. Prior to joining Hivewyre, Jan played integral roles at Infusionsoft and Emailage where he gained his passion for entrepreneurship and startups.


    Matt Ferguson -  Dir of
    Client Services
    As one of Hivewyre’s first employees, Matt has been an integral part of the company’s growth. Matt’s expertise as the head of Client Services provides our clients with a seamless experience and results based insights.


We have some really big goals to reach— $25M by 2018 to be exact. And boy, are we growing fast. Taking the company to the next level means leaving the old school approach behind. In its place? An autonomous, commitment-driven environment where the colleagues call the shots.

So, not to be rude, but what are you waiting for? Tell us why you should be the next member of the Hive today! 

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