Target Competitors’
Unconverted Shoppers.

By forming data partnerships with over 500 retailers, Hivewyre is able to use second-party data to programmatically put your business in front of new customers that are shopping for your specific brand and products.

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We Have over 100 Million In-Market Shoppers

Through our extensive data partnerships, we amass over 100 million in-market shoppers monthly, who we target programmatically based on the products they peruse on competitors’ sites.

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“Hivewyre is the most transparent and best data partner we have.”

- Outdoor Home Client



“The Hivewyre team has exceeded my expectations in performance and customer service.”

- Online Sporting Goods Retailer



“No one does what Hivewyre can do, which is why I use them.”

- Baby and Kids Online Retailer



“We wouldn't have had the growth we did this year without Hivewyre."

- Online Mattress Company



“Hivewyre is the only display company we have ever worked with, that actually worked.”

- Online Apparel Store


Our Competitive Difference:

Private Data for Members Only

No other digital marketing company has this data. Only co-op partners have access to this extraordinary second party data.

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You Need a Forward-Thinking Programmatic Strategy for Your Business

Hivewyre has created a distinct data segment: in-market, motivated eCommerce shoppers based upon their real-time online consumer habits.

By joining the “Hive,” you will combat what plagues so many retailers: rising search engine PPC & PLA costs and the ever-expanding online marketplace growth. Through the power of second-party data, or simply utilizing other companies’ first data, our data experts will advise you on how to create campaigns that are both cost-effective and drive unique, highly-qualified shoppers to your site simply by placing our tracking pixel on all our partners’ website to show your competitors’ audience your products and brands once they exit the website.

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Client Success Stories


Return on Ad Spend

"I would absolutely recommend Hivewyre. I would say that it’s kind of like a best kept secret.”

- Fashion Retailer


New Shoppers Each Month

“[Hivewyre] definitely exceeded our performance expectations…

- Beauty & Cosmetics Retailer

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