What We Do.

Hivewyre gets your brand in front of these shoppers once we see what they’re shopping for, while they’re still shopping for it.

Find your Next Customer.

Revenue Growth

We love helping companies grow in every way possible. Revenue growth is essential to every business and we can help with that.

Sales Funnel Development

With a continuous flow of potential new-to-file customers, you can count on a powerful pool of fresh data that's both relevant and reliable.

New to File Customers

Gone are the days of being forced to buy into a blind, third-party crap shoot. We know exactly where our data comes from!

Expert Optimization

Our team of skilled account managers will ensure we’re a true expression of your marketing team, growing your brand and meeting goals.

Where does Hivewyre fit in?,
Increase ROI.

Hivewyre takes the guesswork out of prospecting by reaching shoppers who’ve already shown interest by actually shopping for a similar product elsewhere. We get your brand and message in front of them during their shopping experience.


We’d love to show you exactly how we can drive incremental sales and get you in front of your next customer today.