Our Ecommerce Data Coop is Adding Unique Shoppers

It wasn't too long ago that our Hivewyre tags were pulling in data on 40+ million unique shoppers each month and we at Hivewyre were quite proud of those numbers. Now, our latest data shows us that each month we are capturing data on over 80 million unique shoppers from users who are visiting sites within our ecommerce data cooperative. We think 100  million unique shoppers every month isn't too far away from our grasp and we believe how we are going about our business in a very ethical and mentorship manner with our clients will get us there.

How are we growing like this?

Second-party data is becoming more and more mainstream within the digital marketing community. Look at what Adobe said recently in its blog about second-party data being "...So Hot Right Now". With third-party data being very costly to obtain and having to wade through sometimes a lot of ineffectual information, ecommerce companies of all sizes are looking for new and efficient ways to grow both their customer base and enhance its bottom line. Second-party data is especially good at top-of-funnel marketing, helping your retargeting campaign and enabling a positive ROAS for your business.

We are proud of our data, quite frankly. And you will be too when you come join our data cooperative. We have absolutely no third-party data, only the second-party party data we collect from members of our coop.

There are no smoke and mirrors with us - no tricks. You need to understand that we aren't about clicks here, but about acquiring new potential consumers for your products. 

unique shoppers - magic tricks

What does this mean for your ecommerce site?

An anonymized ecommerce data coop, like Hivewyre, allows you have access to millions of unique shoppers that have not been to your site yet. Look at some of our top segments within our data coop below. Imagine having the ability to put yourself in front of  2 to 17 million new ecommerce shoppers who are looking for items/products that you sell right now...Yes, that would be pretty awesome, we agree.

monthly unique shoppers

And if you are worried about having a consumer who just bought a pair of shoes on another site being bombarded by display ads of your company's shoes, don't be. Once a consumer makes a purchase on an ecommerce site within our coop that individual is immediately pulled out of our coop numbers. 

Believe us this works

We wouldn't be continuing to grow the amount of sites, and thus the amount of unique shoppers within our data cooperative, if what we were looking for a quick money grab. We want your business, trust and support for the long haul. We want to grow together. 

Contact us if you would like a demo or more information on how we can help your business grow.