When it comes to cosmetics and beauty products, there’s no shortage of options for online shoppers. With online marketplaces, specialty sites, and brick-and-mortar stores with a web presence, it’s never been easier for customers to explore their options and find the specific products they’re looking for. Challenge: As a staple in the cosmetics and beauty world, a major beauty retailer came to Hivewyre in search of additional prospects. Although the brand was extremely established, they wanted to garner a larger customer base and get in front of additional in-market shoppers that may not have thought of coming to them first. Results: With acquiring new-to-file customers as the main goal, the brand saw results that were even better than they anticipated. “[Hivewyre] definitely exceeded our performance expectations…” By focusing on shoppers in the Cosmetics, Health & Beauty categories, Hivewyre was able to target over 30k new shoppers daily, translating to around 930k new shoppers per month. By serving ads to new shoppers interested in the products the brand offered, Hivewyre was able to help the company get in front of more site visitors and create an additional stream of customers and revenue.
You can remarket as much as you want… but in the end, you’re only going to see that growth through prospecting.
From April 1st – May 31st, Hivewyre was able to achieve the following results:
  • 9:1 ROI
  • .06% CTR
  • $90k+ Conversion Value

 Conversions and ROAS from April 1 – May 31, 2015

  Acting as an extension of the retailer’s marketing team, Hivewyre worked hard from the beginning to surpass goals and help the brand to grow even more. “We’ve had a very positive experience with very helpful, responsive and quick setup… I would definitely recommend [Hivewyre] to other people.