In the online space, there is no shortage of sporting goods sites, each with the goal of getting their brand in front of as many consumers as possible. Especially with a number of big-box retailers in the industry, accessible at the click of a mouse, it's important for brands to do what they can to introduce prospects to their products to gain marketshare and create loyal brand advocates. Likewise, this also rings true for sporting goods specialty sites, or retailers who sell equipment and apparel for specific sports, such as soccer. Challenge: As a specialty website looking to attract more customers, a soccer goods and equipment brand came to Hivewyre looking to get in front of consumers unfamiliar with their products. Their goal was to see a substantial ROI and an increase in revenue by adding an additional stream of new-to-file customers. Results: According to the brand, their experience with Hivewyre has, and continues to be, a positive one.  “It’s been a chance for us to try to target people that aren't already familiar with the brand.” Hivewyre focused on the “Sporting Goods” category in order to attract new customers to the soccer retailer's site. As a category with over 276,000 new shoppers daily, this not only allowed the brand to get in front of more prospects, it gave them the ability to target consumers who were looking online for the specific types of products they offered. By serving the soccer retailer's ads to in-market shoppers, Hivewyre helped to provide a customized advertising experiencing, resulting in additional revenue and a considerable ROI.
We like the level of targeting we’re able to get.
From Jan 1st – May 1st, Hivewyre was able to achieve the following results:
  • 14:1 ROI
  • $1.04 Avg CPC
  • 0.14% CTR
  • $466k+ Conversion Value

Conversions and ROAS from Jan 1 - May 1, 2015

    Hivewyre has continued to help the retailer increase revenue and garner new customers, acting as a valuable branding and prospecting tool. “It’s one of the few display advertising techniques that we are currently using,” the brand said. “We like the level of targeting we’re able to get.”