Reaching the right customers at the right time is a priority for any marketer. But there are only so many opportunities to target your messaging on a single device. And as people access media on more and more screens, delivering a holistic brand experience is a must.

With our cross-device targeting and exclusive intent-based data, you can deliver your ads to the right audience on the right devices, plus, gain greater insight into the customer journey by analyzing which devices and browsing environments lead to the most conversions.

What is Cross-Device Targeting?

Deliver relevant, personalized messaging across the entire user journey. Hivewyre’s cross-device targeting tools match multiple devices and channels to a unique ID, so you can serve up relevant ads when and where they’ll be most impactful. This allows us to track behaviors from desktop to mobile to tablet and so on, across the entire shoppers' journey.

Benefits of Cross-Device with Hivewyre:

Triple your reach with Hivewyre's proprietary data and cross-device targeting. With Hivewyre's new cross-device targeting you can expect:

  • Improved Ad Targeting
  • Personalization
  • Increased Reach and Conversions
  • Insight into Purchasing Patterns and Consumer Behavior