In the spirit of the holidays and helping our local community, yesterday we dedicated our time to serving our community. This year, we partnered with Southwest Human Development and created a Little Free Library. Southwest Human Development saw a need to provide books to families in need. Why? If children have contact with reading and books early on in their childhood, then they have a better chance for success academically socially in their life. Most parents are unaware of the importance of early communication and education. Within our own district, where poverty is prevalent, many homes lack the quantity and quality of books that are crucial to early childhood development. 

One of the many ways Southwest Human Development does its part to help eliminate this struggle is the Little Free Library. They partner with local businesses, neighborhoods, and individuals in Maricopa County, to create and place as many Free Little Libraries as possible for children who need them. Little Free Libraries are “take one, leave one” book stations. The movement allows any individual to have easy access to books, regardless of their financial situation.

How it Works:

Southwest Human Development dropped off the wood and paints to Hivewyre. After we had a team lunch, our team worked together to come up with a theme for our Little Free Library. Once we had an idea of what we wanted and how the boards assembled, we got to work:

After the paint was dry our handymen, Mark and Kasey, assembled the pieces:

Once the library was built we added in stencils to make the perfect BeeHive. This process was a great teambuilding exercise and so rewarding, in the end, knowing it is going to help children grow and learn through the process of reading. Now that it is complete, Southwest Human Development will pick it up and place in a neighborhood of need. We cannot wait to see the impact that it has on the community! Check out our final product: